Monday, June 4, 2018

Playing Cars

I am very much in demand to play cars, morning noon and night.

I've never quite known how "playing cars" works, so I do a lot of zooming in a circle, hoping not to get dizzy.

There's a process and there are rules, but I'm not sure what they are. Sometimes it seems as if they are in flux. I only really know the rules when I break one.

If I stop moving for too long, such as to sip my tea or check Facebook on my phone, I get reprimanded. Not sure if this is how Keanu Reeves felt in the movie Speed, but I won't stop long enough to find out.


Pat said...

9 year old grand likes to change rules mid game! I feel your pain.... only on a different level! See...we can tell her no!

Karen L. said...

Aahh, yes, cars! Never ending races and circles showing who's in charge, for a change (the little boy, haha)!

Gigi said...

Hahaha! I remember those days - although in my case it was playing with the "guys" (superheros). I was ALWAYS the villain. And to add salt to the wound, I couldn't even make up my own narrative...he always dictated to me what my actions and words should be.