Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Announcing My T-shirt Shop!

A few weeks ago I told Tim I'd started designing t-shirts. He looked at me like I had two heads. A pained "Why?" was all he could muster.

Next, I told Margaret and she responded, "That's weird."

So, with a huge vote of confidence from the home team, I thought I'd share with you my latest endeavor:

An Inch of Gray T-shirts on Amazon!

I absolutely LOVE typography t-shirts, and I've had a couple of ideas knocking around in my head for a while, but I didn't know how produce them for myself, or for others if they were interested.

A friend I met at a conference this spring talked me through how to open up an online t-shirt shop, so I jumped in and got creative. I now have variations of 5 designs available.

I am thrilled with how they turned out, and I hope you love them too!

And as for Tim's WHY, here are my top three reasons for designing these t-shirts:

1) It's a way to feel productive and creative when I can't seem to find enough time to devote to writing and other creative pursuits right now.

2) I now have the cool typography t-shirts I wanted that pertain to different aspects of my life.

3) I hope to earn income to help with blog-related expenses such as web hosting.

Here I am in my first design.

Geriatric Mama: I can't read this without my glasses

Yes, I crack myself up. 

Do not, I repeat DO NOT buy this t-shirt for someone else as a joke. Sure, you can send a friend the link (please do!!!!)  but make sure SHE wants the shirt, or you could end up getting hurt. 

All bets are off for the counterpart, Old as Dirt Dad, which would make a super-fun Father's Day Gift. It's a terrible double standard, I realize.

See all of my designs here! They are available in a variety of colors.

Let me know what you think, and please share them with anyone you think would like them.

Size note: These are premium t-shirts made out of super-soft, thin fabric, not the bulky t-shirts of yesteryear. They are slim cut. I bought several samples to see what Amazon meant by SIZE UP in the instructions. In the women's cut, which is quite fitted, I wear a Large, when normally I'd be a Medium, and they only go up to XL. In the men's cut I wear a Small or Medium, and they go up to 3XL. I like both cuts for different reasons. The men's cut is roomier, with a bigger design, but it is NOT BULKY,  so don't hesitate to buy a men's size if you want some extra room.


Susie - Walking Butterfly said...

So cute! And I have to say it is a GREAT idea!

KathleenM said...

I love them!! Good for you to go for it!

KathleenM said...

I love them!! Good for you to go for it!

Annie said...

1) Great Job! These are so cute!!
2) I absolutely cracked up with the tag line...you are so funny!
3) I would buy one but my kids are too old for for us to wear the old/geriatric shirts, the Vienna shirts are fabulous but only for locals, love the sentiment of both the "anything is possible" and " signs" shirts and know how much these thought mean to you, but if I bought a shirt about G-d or signs my family would haul me off for a psych evaluation because it would indicate some huge and sudden change in personality.

You are an amazing person Anna!

Unknown said...

Love them sooo much! My favs are Vienna Life and Nothing is Impossible.
..in BLUE!😉

Steph said...

Hi Anna, I just ordered one of your t-shirts. Can't wait to get it.

Jennifer said...

Maybe a Geriatric Mama t-shirt would stop folks from referring to me as "Grandma" with my just-turned-three-year-old. Becoming a mama at 44 was hard enough; being constantly reminded of how "old" I am is even harder. UGH!

Jamie Miles said...

So impressed that you did this. Very cool. I guess I was a geriatric mom via adoption but now my thoughts are what a geriatric grandparent I’ll be. Not sure that really makes sense but in this small town lots of women are grandmothers in their 40s.

Anonymous said...

I have a daughter who is 15 1/2 and your snippets about Margaret always crack me up because I can relate. When my daughter is going on and on about makeup I sometimes laugh to myself remembering when you talked about the names of the makeup she wanted for Christmas.