Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Summer 2017

Summer is winding down. 

School starts for Margaret on Monday, and Andrew will go to Mother's Day Out (yay!) in mid-September. For those who aren't following An Inch of Gray on Facebook, and who may feel a little neglected in the Miracle Baby Photo Department, here are a few to catch you up. We didn't have a very active summer. I'm really not sure what we did except chase Andrew around, eat a lot of ice cream, and watch Netflix, but we did make it to Connecticut for a week to see cousins and grandparents, and to WV for our annual camping weekend. Another highlight was Margaret's getting her braces off just in time for back to school.

Family time in CT. Andrew was in the front yard when a BEAR lumbered by!

This year we included Jack in the group cousin picture. I wonder how tall he would be.

 After a loooong break, the grandparents had to buy baby equipment again.
 Happy 4th!

Camping trip. Too young to tube on the river, so he tubed on the grass!
 My big brother made sure I had ample fried food, as usual. Andrew slept well in a tent for the second year in a row. Bonus: Our new tent took about 2 minutes to set up!
 Big hike up the mountain! Tim carried Andrew on his back. Whew! I stayed back and read a book.

 My dear aunt and siblings
Braces off! 
Back-to-school and off-to-college pictures are filling my social media feeds right now. Thank you for praying for me and for others who are missing someone special in the photos this year.

Love and Hugs, Anna


Sandy A said...

First, Andrew is absolutely scrumptious...Margaret more beautiful if possible...your vacation photos are filled with fun and love...what better for the summer...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family.

Gigi said...

By all accounts, it looks like it was a great summer!

Karen L. said...

Loved seeing all of you. What a special, loving (and lovely) family you all are. May the Lord bless you with His peace and joy in this time despite grief over Jack. This start of another school year is hard so we'll all be praying.

Theresa said...

I follow on FB but nice to see photos again. Margaret has always been darling but now she is just stunning. Congrats on no braces! Lucky, I did not get mine off until after graduation from high school! Theresa in Denver