Friday, January 13, 2017

Gray and Pink Teen Room Makeover, High/Low Edition

Margaret and I re-did her room on a budget.

To raise money for the project, we found whatever we could around the house to sell on a yard sale site. This helped us set our budget and also get rid of excess clothes and accessories that were cluttering up her room. We moved a bunch of books and keepsakes to the basement.

The look she wanted was Hollywood Regency meets Modern, and she was able to find a lot of ideas online. She wanted a mix of metals and textures, with a lot of white throw in.

To plan for the room, she sent me links of what she wanted, and I poked around for less expensive options. In some cases, we went with her choices, and in others mine. We are both happy with the results, and I thought I'd share the process with you here:

The paint color we  used was a continuation from our lower level: Benjamin Moore's Moonshine, a soft gray; we kept the white trim as-is.

An upholstered queen headboard was the centerpiece of the room. This is the one she wanted:


Ella Headboard from Pier One: 449.00

I found this one:
Baxton Headboard from $129.99

VERDICT: We went with the lower priced one from Overstock and it works perfectly!

She wanted pale pink bedding and there were LOTS of options! 

She chose this set from Urban Outfitters:

HIGH Eyelash bedding in Rose: $189.00 for comforter, $49.99 for 2 shams

I found this much less expensive one, that is quite similar in tone and texture: 

LOW Amazon LUSH Decor Belle 3 Piece quilt Set: $74.99

 And this one for even less, although not in the perfect shade

LOWEST Amazon Chez Moi Collection Ella 3 piece comforter set: $49.99

VERDICT: She asked for a gift card from her grandparents for her birthday, and went with the more expensive option from Urban Outfitters. She loves it!

Fuzzy Throw Pillow



Target throw pillow (FAUX): 17.99 (sale)

VERDICT: We decided that real sheep fur wasn't as important to us as price, so we went with the Target one.

 For lamps, she was looking for antique brass like this one.

Crate and Barrel Theorem Aged Brass Lamp: $219

LOW Amazon Satin Brass Hoyt Table Lamp 79.99

Target Hudson Industrial Brass Table Lamp: $49.00

VERDICT: Target for the win-- again! What a great lamp. I hope she gets tired of it, because I want it. Wait until you see it in her room.

Makeup Vanity:

West Elm Mid Century Modern Desk: $399


VERDICT: Target desk! Easy to put together, and it keeps all of her makeup neat in the wide drawer.

Vanity Chair:

Online these range from 450.00 on down. We bought one from Tuesday Morning for 99.00 (not available online), but here is one just like it, for less.

Amazon Casper Dining Armchair in Clear: 71.27

VERDICT: I still think we got a pretty good deal, but I wish I'd seen this one sooner and purchased it.

Pier One Mirrored Silver Dresser: 999.95

Wayfair Mirrored Dresser: 580.60

VERDICT: Mirrored dressers are lovely, but even at almost 50% off retail, the "low" one from Wayfair was outside our budget. Instead, we kept the same 75 year old white dresser she had and spray painted the handles gold for an update.


LOWEST Amazon Graham Mirrored 2 Drawer End Table: 169.99

VERDICT: Yep, she wanted a new nightstand too. This one is indicative of the MANY mirrored ones we looked at, and the price is the best we saw. However, we were still out of funds, so we painted her old nightstand's handle gold and are keeping our eye out for a more modern, less expensive nightstand down the road.

We are leaning toward something like this, but hopefully on the cheap:

Hay Needle Baby Relax Miles Nightstand: 149.99

I hope you enjoyed seeing our choices and are inspired by how Margaret got the look she wanted, with the budget she had to work with. While she only got a few new pieces of furniture, the room is transformed!

Up next: Photos of the room itself! 

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Melissa said...

I want to see!!! So exciting!!

twingles said...

dang, you done good with that headboard. I love her color scheme. BTW your colors helped give me a jumping off point for painting my family room (we went with Metropolitan by ben moore) so thanks!

Also, have to tell you I saw pics of the garden on FB but I"m not on FB - I use my sister's login so I can't comment. Anyway - now that I've seen pictures I remember that thing - can't remember where my kids played with it or if we even had it but my kids loved it and yes the mailbox was the best part!!!

One crazed mommy said...

Fun - I did that last year for my daughter's birthday. I painted her walls green (her choice of color) and it turned out so cute. Then we got her a white, brass double bed and mattress, and new comforter in greens and purples (actually my parents bought the mattress and comforter set as her gift). Then she opted for a simple white bookshelf and white nightstand. I changed the lampshade on her table lamp from polka dot pink to white. Minus the mattress, it was less than $400 for everything including paint/brushes, etc.

The Sisters' Hood said...

LOVE how you put this together ... great planning and a lesson too.

Laurie said...

This is a tease- I need to see the whole room!

Gigi said...

I'm SO glad you posted this - I sometimes get paralyzed when it comes to decorating and then end up just buying pieces hodgepodge and nothing works. This is a clear cut plan to putting it all together. I can't wait to see the end result.

NanaDiana said...

You both did good. It really is all about compromise when it comes to making choices, isn't it? I can't wait to see the finished room. I love everything. xo Diana

Anonymous said...

Good job!

Jenn said...

Great post! Love the way you planned, budgeted and found less expensive items - especially that headboard. I'm about to try to do our master bedroom and don't want to spend a ton. You are my hero!!!

Jill said...

Oh the suspense!!

Sharon in Indy said...

Very cute! Good choices, but I do like the most expensive bedding best. I am also all about the budget. Come to my house, please -- after I read my Marie Kondo again and spend and least six months working on it. Maybe a year. :-\ said...

I love the pale gray and bubblegum pink combination. Can't wait to see it all put together in a photo of the real room. I just redid my son's room while he's away in Iraq, and it feels so great to be making over a warm nest for him. Must try re-making my own room next. But I can't imagine it will be as exciting as making a beautiful space for someone I love.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I can't wait to see the room. Thanks for all the comparisons, that was fun!

Reenie said...

WOW... you did awesome finding the similar items at a much lower price. Can't wait to see it.....

S in LA said...

So cute! I was just looking into updating my daughters bedroom and I love the quilt/pillow sham set that you chose. It reminds me of a bed set at Pottery Barn Teen that we fell in love with, but I refuse to spend the money on. You put together the Emily & Meritt Design like PBTeen for 1/4 the price. Nice.

julie gardner said...

I love the way you two went about this; the compromising is impressive from beginning to end.
The things that REALLY mattered to her she splurged on with her own money; then she went with less expensive options for other things.
I hope you ARE able to find the items you're still looking for now that your budget was spent.
This was not only a room makeover, but also a life lesson. Well done.