Saturday, June 6, 2015

What YOU Can Do to Help a Grieving Family

This post came straight from the amazing ways people reached out to us following Jack's death. 3 1/2 years later, the grace and kindness still lift us up!

Are you looking for ways to support grievers? Check it out. What would you add?

What You Can Do to Help a Grieving Family.


Anonymous said...

Just show up. Show up. Show up. Show up. (note to self: show up) Talking is optional (and often times not advisable). There's nothing you can say that will help except the obvious: we love you, we love the lost-person, this is horrible. Just show up and cry with the bereaved.

Jess said...

Thanks for the reminder. I read your amazing post again as a refresher. We all unfortunately confront situations in which we have to decide how we can/should help a grieving family, and it is much appreciated to hear your thoughts about what is helpful.

I am among the many who know Jack only through your blog, but I think of him, and your family, often. Hope you are looking forward to some fun and relaxing summer plans!

Anonymous said...

Someone learning about our loss, told me this recently: "some people think that people that take their lives are selfish...But I disagree" ... what was that!.
Do not ask how she died. Why is that important? She's gone!. Do not tell me is not my fault, I'm not thinking about myself, but the absurdity of the loss of a precious life, which after many years, can't get to grasp.
Do visit the tumb and bring flowers. I want her to know that we don't judge her, that we miss her, that she may leave in peace.
Thank you Anna.

Anonymous said...

I just found this post and for me this resonates so much with you wrote in Rare Bird:

Thanks for writing the book!