Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The ABC's of Me

I saw this on my friend Jennifer's blog and thought it would be fun. What are some of the ABC's of YOU today?

A: Age 45
B: Books on my nightstand: When God and Grief Meet, These is my Words: The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine, Magazines: Vanity Fair, Washingtonian, Better Homes and Gardens, Guideposts
C: Cunningham, my middle name
D: Delighting in the cooler air today and a big cup of tea.
E: Eyebrows "on fleek" as my daughter would say
F: Fears: Having someone I love need me and my not being able to help.
G: Gray hair percentage: 100%
H: Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul (Emily Dickinson)
I: Inside Out, the movie we are going to see today
J: Jack (witty, clever, loving, wise)
K: King Charles Spaniel, Charlie the puppy who now shares our bed.
L: Love never dies.
M: Margaret (quick, funny, insightful, beautiful)
N: Nothing can separate us from the love of God
O: On Demand and Netflix, things that keep me from writing.
P: Psalm 139 has spoken to me since I was a little girl.
Q: Quality: Laziness (see also, B: bathrobe as day wear).
R: Relating to people, a joy for  me. Let's get together and laugh and cry over lunch.
S: Snack: Chips and guac, followed by anything chocolate
T: Trust: I can trust in the bigger picture.
U: Underwear, yes, always.
V: Verse, today probably Proverbs 3: 5-6
W:Wedding: a 72 degree day in December 1996
X: eXample. Grateful for so many beautiful people who serve as examples to me.
Y: Yearning for a time my family was together; yearning for a time we will be again.
Z: ZZZZzzzz Sleeping is my favorite!


ella said...

A= Animals! Our house is filled with them. Four dogs and two cats. I live in a zoo.
B= Bengals. Huge NFL fan. Glutton for punishment (obviously).
C= Curling iron! I recently learned to make beach-y waves and it's changed my life.
D= Dad. He died when I was 19. I think about him every day.
E= Emily, my 12-year-old daughter. Sweet, silly, loose cannon, passionate
F= Forty! I entered a new decade this past January. It's been pretty cool so far.
G= Grace, my 12-year-old step-daughter. Kind, rules follower, fashionista
H= Heaven. What's it like? It's going to be fun, right? I have questions.
I= Ice Cream. I can eat a pint like it's NBD. Plain vanilla with caramel topping.
J= Jelly. Another word for jealous. Does this make me a hip 40-year-old mom?
K= KILL IT WITH FIRE. My response to any run-ins with spiders.
L= LOL. I believe in the power of a good sense of humor. It has saved me many times.
M= Monster energy drinks (sugar free). Chemical-filled poison. Can't. Stop.
N= Never settle. Be uncomfortable with being comfortable. Push yourself.
O= Ocean. Both fascinated and scared silly of it. So big! So awesome.
P= Present. Working on being in the here and now instead of three steps ahead.
Q= Quiet. Until you get to know me and I feel comfortable. Then I never shut up.
R= Roller derby. Spent five years playing, just retired last month.
S= Seasons. We get a good dose of all four around here (Cincinnati area).
T= Time. Trying to be a better steward of time. Not easy. This quiz for example.
U= Uber. Just read an article about an Uber-like service for kids. Say what?
V= Vacations! We have several coming up. Norris Lake! Alaska!!! West Virginia?
W= Worry. The older my girls get, the more I worry. The world is a scary place.
X= X-mas. X-treme. X-tina. Why is it so hard to just write out the whole word?
Y= Yoga. I'd like to make time for yoga a day or two a week.
Z= Zulu time. Reminds me of my days working for an airline. I miss those days.

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

I loved your list, Ella!

Anonymous said...

That was lovely, Anna!

Gigi said...

Oh, how fun! I may have to borrow this idea...

One crazed mommy said...

This sounds fun - I'll join in. :)

A = Abigail, my daughter and my mini-me
B = Bulldogs - huge UGA fan
C = Cats - my favorite animal. We currently have 2, down from 4. :( I'll one day be the crazy cat lady - haha.
D = December - the month I was born
E = Envoy - the type of SUV I drive
F = Fidgety - ask anyone...I can't sit still.
G = Georgia - where my daddy is from and where I spent many a vacation visiting grandparents and cousins.
H = Hot and Humid - the weather this entire week!!!
I = Island - where I would like to be right now instead of at work
J = Jennifer - my name
K = Krispy Kreme - something I want right now...but has to be on my cheat day.
L = Lonely - my kids are at my parents for the week, and I miss them (although I enjoy the break with hubby)and I know they are having fun.
M = Mark and Marshall - my two main men - husband and son, respectively.
N = Nail biting - a bad habit I've had all my life, and still trying to break at 41.
O = One more day until Friday
P = Praying for Charleston and the tri-county area, after the horrible shooting last week. Praying for the many people I know who were directly affected.
Q = Quality - how I like to measure my time with family and friends.
R = Rough - How I feel today after little sleep and workout this morning. I'm tired y'all!
S = Swimming - something my hubby and I are planning to do tonight after work.
T = Taco Soup - we tried a new crock pot chicken taco soup last night that was awesome - and it's for dinner again tonight. Yum!
U = Underwire - I have an underwire poking at me right now - I think it's time for a new bra...not comfy at all!!!
V = Vacation - we are going to Orlando with my best friend and her family this summer - can't wait!!!
W = Weekend - We get our kids back this weekend!! Yay! :)
X = X marks the spot?? I don't know - X is hard!
Y = Yard Sale - something I've been thinking about for a while, and really need to make happen.
Z = Zumba - been doing this faithfully for the past 6-8 weeks, and have lost 13 lbs. and 3 inches so far. Love it!!!

Harder than it looks, but that was fun.

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

Yum! I want to try making taco soup! I haven't been cooking at all this summer :(

Unknown said...

How fun lv this post!

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

e-- Love your list! That Lego thing is so cool! Also loved Arrested Development. I'm sorry about the Big Blows life is handing you right now. XO

Laura Thomas said...

Too fun...

A. Adapt. Life has shown me how important that is..
B. Barrette. So many barrettes...never found when needed for little girl hair
C. Charlotte. Niece...Loved and missed dearly.
D. Defective made whole.
E. Early. Why must this house wake up so freaking early every day?
F. Funny. I love my son's developing humor.
G. Grace. Our daughter and God's love.
H. Henry. Who brought joy back after losing Charlotte.
I. Introverted. At once thought this but not so sure anymore...
J. Josh. Our child who asks all the tough questions and will be the most loyal friend ever.
K. Kate. Our special gal who introduced us to God's love at a level we never knew.
L. Laughter..The greatest need on the hard days
M. Marriage. Til the end...
N. NO. Learning how to say no the right way.
O. Obstinate. My greatest area for improvement.
P. Psychiatric. My area of nursing...and I love it!
Q. Quiet. Love a good book on a quiet rainy day.
R. Reflect. A good quality and skill..
S. Special needs. I just want to be known as a mom.. and not labeled as a special needs mom.
T. Tim. My hubby.. who hangs in there every step of the way
U. Unspoken. Some things are better left...
V. Very...very... very... tired
W. Winther. Maiden name. Which nobody ever said correctly
X. My life is definitely not X rated. Ha
Y. Y'all. Just got back from visiting down south.
Z. Z pack. Because I am a nurse...and mother of 5 kids. Someone somewhere always needs to go to urgent care.

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

Laura--I'm rated PG-13 at most! :)

Anonymous said...

A. Adapt, learning to adapt to a life of grieving for my daughter Leah.
B. Blogging, I find writing very therapeutic.
C. Cats, we have two cats. We had three but Leah's cat was run over by a car when she was in hospital.
D. Drink, I drink lots of water.
E. Enthusiastic, I'm enthusiastic about things that are important to me.
F. Focussing on serving God and loving others.
G. Gujarati, my favourite food.
H. Humour, a sense of humour always helps.
I. India, a country whose customs and people fascinate me.
J. Job, I love my job as a Family Support Worker and it helps to keep me sane.
K. Kiss it better, it used to work when the kids were small, but they're nearly grown now.
L.. Lounging around the house with a good book is one of my favourite activities.
M. My Mother taught me many of my values in life.
N. Non judgemental attitude is something I consider important.
O. Open to new learning and new ideas.
P. Prayer life has room for improvement.
Q. Questions are things I ask a lot of when I'm getting to know somebody.
R. Relationships with others are really important to me.
S. Steward, I would like to be a good steward of my time and possessions.
T. Time, a very precious commodity, it goes by so quick.
U. Upset, I'm often emotionally upset.
V. Vicky is my name.
W. Worship music is my favourite.
X. Xtremes are something I try to avoid.
Y. Yearning for my daughter is how I often feel
Z. Zoo, I'm taking the girls to London Zoo next month.

Alison said...

So fun! Love knowing more about you. xo

Anonymous said...

It is a little late to play this game but after a hectic week at work it sounds fun!

A: Apple (a green one with peanut butter for breakfast)
B: Boyfriend Brian --I have waited a long time to find him but he was well worth the wait
C: Chicago Cubs (long suffering fan..and I see progress this year)
D: Dad - he passed 10 years ago and I miss him everyday
E: Elephants - my favorite animal, they are lucky and were so amazing to watch when I was in Africa
F: Fireworks for the Fourth! Looking forward to a weekend in the mountains and lots of fireworks
G:Good Grief - my most used expression this week, work was quite challenging
H: Havana, Cuba. Planning a trip for November. Exciting to see the changes and I want to get there before Starbucks does.
I: Italy - planning a trip for next year
J. Jello Pudding Pops. I loved them back in the 80's and just found a kit to make them at home. Dessert tomorrow.
K: Kangaroo. Not sure why this popped in my head
L: Louise. My middle name, there was a time I hated it, now I kinda like it
M: Manicure - first on my agenda this afternoon
N: Nordstroms
O: Orange the color of my kitchen
P: Popcorn, cooked over a camp fire. (but no camping for me!)
Q: Quay! The word I used to win a Scrabble match last night -- on a triple word score!
R: Relaxing - three day weekend
S: Swimming, my favorite workout
T: Travel, my favorite thing to do
U: USA - Happy Birthday and thanks for the day off of work
V: Victoria Falls, one of the most amazing places I have visited
W: Wrigley Field, I will be there next Friday to see the Cubbies play
X: "X" eight points in Scrabble
Y: Yippee! Weekend is here and I have a lot of fun things to do coming up in the next several months.
Z: Zoo. Planning on going to the Lincoln Park Zoo when I am in Chicago next week.

That was a a fun game and I enjoyed reading all of them.