Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Winner of the Pendant/s and LTYM

Good morning!

jnh213 is the winner of the beautiful Holly Lane Designs Jack's Promise Pendant. Please email me at with your snail mail address so I can send it to you.

If you didn't win, but would like to purchase a pendant from Holly Lane Designs, here's the link.

A second pendant was purchased by an anonymous An Inch of Gray reader to give away to someone else, well, because that's how you amazing people roll! I  will send that one to Kate from Chasing Rainbows who lost her precious Gavin last week.

Thank you for sharing your stories in the comments. Your stories matter.

Speaking of stories:

If you are in the Washington Area and would like to hear more powerful, inspiring stories of motherhood, the Listen To Your Mother show is this Sunday in Crystal City! Tickets are still available. I was honored to be part of the show last year, and look forward to being in the audience this year. Hope to see you there!

Tickets available here.

The link to  my video from last year. Please ignore the pointy nose.

To see if there is a LTYM show in your region, click here.

Love and Hugs.


Momma Holmes said...

I love love love that you are giving one to Gavin's mother. I just left a link to one of your beautiful posts for her. I thought she could use you for a friend; that you could help her heal. Thank you for being there for others. You are a gift.

Salvimom said...

God Bless you Anna, you are such a wonderful writer and I am constantly amazed at your strength and talent. Let the blessings just rain upon you. Thinking of you and your familia. Love, hugs, and prayers from the West Coast.


Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy being in the audience, with the pressure off.

Tiffany Scott really did a gorgeous job.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Thank you for sharing Gavin with me. What a precious little boy. I am so sorry for their loss. So sweet of you to give them the donated pendant.

Marta said...

That is so sweet that you're giving one to Gavin's mother and that someone else bought one to give away. I love remembering the good amongst all of the unbelievable bad. Your goodness astounds me and inspires me.

Arnebya said...

I can't WAIT to see you Sunday!

Ellen aka Ellie said...


Marinka said...

What a great giveaway! And I'm a member of the pointy nose club, too!

Unknown said...

I love the idea of a pendant in memory of Gavin! That was a lovely idea.

I was touched by all of the stories of shared grief. It was amazing to me how many people wanted the pendant for someone else.

Julie Warwick said...

Love it that a pendant is going to Kate!

toko busana muslim murah said...

Looks really nice your post! :-)love the first pic, thanks for sharing!

Princess Kate said...

Just stopping by to say that Jack is thought about every day on this end. Peace my friend.

lisaager said...

So elated that Kate will receive a pendant. A wonderful gift for her and reminder that others are lifting her up in prayer.
Thank you for doing this for her.

Unknown said...

I am back online and saw two missed posts of yours. You're one of my FIRST READS!

Pointy nose? No, I just see beauty inside and out.

Kristin said...

Anna, I am in the cast of the Austin show this year, and I am honored to be in your company! I just watched yours on YouTube and you were poised and excellent, as I expected you would be.