Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hair Today, More Hair Tomorrow

So I got an email a few weeks ago from a reader and fellow blogger who asked what she considered a semi-embarrassing question. From the pictures she'd seen of my hot husband, she wanted to know if he was quite hairy.

Turns out her husband is also hirsute, and she wanted to know if I was in the club with her. You didn't know there was a club? Oh well. Your loss. I sure hope there's NOT a club for men whose wives have cellulite and blood sugar-induced mood swings, for undoubtedly Tom is a card carrying member.

Anyway, I did share that Tom is hairy. In fact, I remember going to a Halloween party back in grad school and seeing 2 guys with pumpkins on their heads. I remember thinking, "Wow, one of those pumpkin guys has seriously hairy knees."
Little did I know one day I would marry that pumpkin head. The hair has been a non-issue, even with the advent of the well-groomed, metrosexual look. Tom OWNS his hair, and if he eventually sports a uni brow, so be it.

In fact, it is barely noticeable to me.

Except those times when it is:

Tom and Jake, 1999.


Ellen aka Ellie said...

Opposite situation here (note, I not refer to it as a problem). My husband is bald (some by mother nature some by bic). AND, once at church a man came up to him and said, "I've been sitting across from you trying to figure out if you have eyebrows!" Kind of rude, this was not a kindredness issue as the interrogator did in fact have eyebrows.

So this post did elicit a giggle!

Kristina P. said...

Yeah, that is above average hairy. I'm the hairy one in my family.

mosey (kim) said...

Not every girl gets to marry a hairy pumpkin head. Thanks for today's chuckle.

Anonymous said...

My husband is hairy too! In a pretty nice way. But he's definitely a furry mammal.


Rachel Elizabeth said...

My husband is pretty hairy too. He once had to get an EKG and the hair on his legs was so thick they had to shave little squares off.

Anonymous said...

Hee Hee.
I plenty of hairy armed baby photos just like that :)
However, my husband would like to DISown all that hair. The poor guys tweezes and primps and such trying to keep it all in check. He worries about it much more than I do. It even interferes with our beach & pool experiences -- I keep telling him he is fine as long as he doesnt sport a Speedo with that 'do.

As he ages he is having a shared experience with his father... noticing that additional hair growth is traveling south... to his nose and his ears. But Mother Nature is having a little extra fun with him... he is LOSING hair on his head monk style.

I am still busy unpacking all of these boxes... otherwise I would post the photo of his knee surgery. You should have seen the look on the nurses face when she realized she had to shave THAT! She went and got more razors :)

Jill said...

Hilarious! My hubby has his own fair amount of hair, and while I don't normally mind it, he does.

Metrosexual is a big word in our house ... I understand it well.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I love that! The pumkin head with hairy knees - hilarious.

Heidi said...

Ha! Hairy Pumpkin Head.

Anonymous said...

anna, ha, ha, ha! funny thing for andy and i though is that i married this guy with luscious blonde hair and a body that looked a bit like grizzly adams (and yes, i know you remember him!) and then, after we had our first child...it ALL fell out! andy has alopecia universalis, i think i may have misspelled that, but i really don't give a #%&#*$ because it doesn't deserve to be spelled correctly or treated with respect b/c it took all of his hair, even those cute eyelashes and eyebrows. it works in his favor that he has a really handsome face and that the 'mr. clean' look is in, but he would go back to grizzy adams any day if he could!