Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Catch-up and new article up on FOR HER

We had a great weekend of beautiful weather, apple picking, photography, and Andrew adjusting to his crib. Tim and I even had a night out with friends at a comedy club where one of my dear friends performed. Margaret commented on how easy it was to get the baby to go to sleep, so I think our babysitting game is looking up! Here she is taking pictures at an old mill for photography class.

Today, Andrew woke up with another cold that I'm afraid could turn croupy, so please send prayers our way that he won't lose the ground he's gained in his crib and that he feels better soon! Exactly one month ago today is when he got sick last time, and we are still a bit of a mess.

BIG NEWS: I have a new article up today on For Her, a gorgeous lifestyle magazine. I wrote about a weird thing I did that helped our marriage. I hope you'll read it, and also check out the other great articles on For Her.

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Andrew's smile! What a cutie.

Lovely article, Anna. It certainly resonates. You are definitely not alone in the tendency towards marital complacency, and your ring experiment sounds interesting. I wonder if Tim would do the same with his.


Yolanda McLean said...

Thank you for sharing the article. Some great thoughts and transparency. I am 48 and we have a new four year old daughter - going from no children to a four year old - definitely important to remember that none of it would be there if two people hadn't fallen in love. said...

Beautiful smiles!