Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Coupons, Groupons, Holiday Inn on The Mid

Do you love getting coupons, Kohl's Cash, and discount cards, or does it make you quake with fear?

I'm writing over at The Mid today, baring my soul about what a failure I am at staying on top of all such things. What about you? Are you able to keep your shizzle together when it comes to discounts and sales?

Here's the article!


One crazed mommy said...

Initially I love to get Kohls cash, and great coupons...until I'm at the store and realize they are at home on the counter, or in my other purse. That seems to happen more than not. Or...when I finally remember I need to use my Kohls cash, only to pull it out and find that it expired yesterday. Example...I just logged into my Kohls site yesterday to see how many "reward" I had - I just let $20.00 of rewards expire that I didn't even know I had - they expired on 7/1/15. :( So bummed.
BTW - I can't access the article on The Mid because I'm at work, and that site is considered "suspicious" according to our firewall...I'll read it when I get home.

Japolina said...

I really love a bargain so I've tried to stay on top of coupons and I just stink at it. I have a stack of expired groupons and found that trying to shop with store coupons just made me spend a million more hours in stores and buying stuff I did not need. I do keep a stack of the Bed Bath & Beyond ones in my car but that is about it.

Gigi said...

I am rolling on the floor over here. You are not alone. I've completely given up on coupons...kind of. Of course, I sign up for all "rewards" cards that offer all kinds of freebies and coupons but I never use them. In truth, I don't even know how they really work...other than collecting all my data.

As for the gift cards? I inwardly groan every time I am given one because I know it will take me FOREVER to actually use it. Because I always think, I will use this to buy something REALLY special. Something I would NEVER buy for myself. And then? I never use it. *sigh* Currently, I have about eight gift cards languishing in my handbag. Maybe I'll go shopping this weekend!

Ah...who am I kidding?

Unknown said...

You are not alone! I gave up dealing with supermarket coupons 5 years ago. I would spend hours collecting, cutting, sorting and trying to remember to bring them to the store. They made me feel so bad about myself. I felt my time could be better spent, so I made an announcement in my house that I don't want to see, discuss or deal with coupons in any way.
The reality is, you WORK for the price of those coupons, you don't really save anything.

I do try my best to spend gift cards because *I* give them as gifts occasionally. I keep all the house's gift cards in one spot on the kitchen counter and since it's visible daily, it usually gets spent.

I don't mind late library fees because I feel I'm supporting the library - like a donation.

So just don't pay for anything up front and you'll be good.

ella said...

I bet there's at least three or four Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons sitting on our kitchen counter at this very second. The chances of any of them being used are slim to none, but rest assured they will sit there until about a week past their expiration date. And don't even get me started on the amount of Kohl's Cash that has expired.

Anonymous said...

Ha. Who has time to keep up with that stuff? I figure that my time (not spent clipping coupons) is worth the money I'd save buying stuff I don't need anyway.

Paula Cote said...

OMG..You just described me and my life! I do the same exact thing with Groupons, coupons, and library books, although I'm trying to get better with the books. It's even worse when you borrow a book, return it late and get fines, but never read it! Let me know if you come up with a solution. Maybe I should just give up on them all too!

Dina Ochs said...

Since I retired I use coupons more especially the days that stores like TJ Maxxs and Bealls offers 10-15 percent off as a "wisdom discount" over 55 years old. on Mondays and Tuesdays. Also Whole Foods offer a $10 off if you spend $50. So since our local grocery store Publixs takes other coupons, I use it there. Also I print a few extra and become the coupon fairy, blessing people with savings!

Tiffany said...

I love how real you are Anna! I am pretty sure I have some Justice bucks in my wallet from 3 years ago! I never have my shiz to together. Ha!