Monday, May 19, 2008

Not Sexy in the Suburbs

I had a fantastic Mother’s Day. Hubby understands that I do not have to be his mother for him to extend himself for me on Mother’s Day. This is quite the coup considering he is the same guy who uttered, “But we don’t DO Valentine’s Day.” Three home-cooked gourmet meals, a novel (and the whole afternoon to read it), plus “date coupons” from Tom and the kids set the tone for a great day. Did I mention the chocolate?

I did crack up that morning when I pulled Parade Magazine out of the Sunday paper. Emblazoned on the cover was a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker and the words: “America’s Most Fabulous Mom.” Joking, I said to the kids, “Wooohoo! The world finally knows how great I am! They even put me on the cover of this magazine.” Molly took one peek and said, “That doesn’t look like you, Mommy. That looks like Holden’s mom.” “Yeah,” said Jake, “Definitely Holden’s mom.” Molly considered it a moment longer, and pointing at SJP’s distinctive mole said, “Well she does have that thing on her face. It’s kinda like Mom’s zits.” Aaaah. Motherhood.

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